When I see beautiful vintage porcelain about to be thrown away, I am reminded of the ecological impact of mass consumption. I hope to raise awareness of the beauty and charm of unique, vintage pieces by playfully challenging the line between the objects we use every day and the natural world – by creating living objects.

All my pieces are created using vintage porcelain that I find in and around Toronto, Canada. Butterflies, ants, moths, beetles, and bees swirl around the buds and blooms that entice them. Where before we might have swept the garden bugs away, now we are enthralled and surprised with their unexpected beauty. Something previously considered “ugly” now uplifts the pottery from ordinary dishes to living objects to be treasured and cherished.

Borrowing the traditional style of gold decoration on porcelain, the insects are created using 22 carat gold. I fire the pieces in a kiln at 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit, which means they can be used every day in the kitchen. They are safe for food and can be placed in a dishwasher.

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