I am a self-taught painter who started to paint four years ago. This is my painting ‘Before the storm’ which is a hyper-realistic painting based on Brixham Harbour, England.

The painting took me 400 hours to complete and is only the 12th painting I’ve ever painted. I paint in my spare time so the 400 hours spanned over 3 months of evenings and weekends, from the initial drawing to finally varnishing the painting.

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Close up of some of the details

Close up of the smallest boats

The right side of the painting

The left side close up

The initial drawing

Close up of the truck, you can read ‘Dunlop’ on the tyres

A couple of the figures in the painting

Close up of some of the details

Painting every link in the chains and all the cables and ropes

The middle trawler close up

The largest trawler

Varnishing the painting

With the final painting

The finished painting