Street photography, in my opinion, is one of the hardest, purest and most creative forms of photography. It teaches you to think fast, see deeper and to create momentary connections with (sometimes incredibly) temporary elements. These unscripted, organic and spontaneous connections exist for only a fraction of a second, never to be repeated. Combining such moments with juxtaposition, emotion, story, abstractness, contrast and/or humour is a considerable challenge. When you capture a portfolio worthy photograph, especially one combining a rare element of luck/serendipity, the adrenaline and reward is incredibly powerful (and addictive!).

I’ve been shooting weddings professionally for 6 years and have travelled around the world for both weddings and street assignments. This latest trip was with three friends (all of whom are wedding photographers with a love for travel and street photography), we each wanted to see Cuba before any radical changes took place. I avoided tourist spots and walked the back streets to find Cuba’s true culture; its heartbeat. The people I met while walking miles upon miles were always happy, accommodating and interesting.

I do hope you enjoy this set from Cuba, taken just before the planned visit of Obama and a gig by the Rolling Stones. A pivotal point Cuba’s history. There is a mix of juxtaposition, humour, weirdness and contrast. We shot mornings and evenings over about 9 days in total. The final shot in the collection is a very personal one, some kids I had been shooting (politely) grabbed my camera and started to impersonate me and my very limited Spanish! The boy holding my Camera managed to shoot the moment I used my iPhone to take a selfie to remember the experience by.

Thank you Cuba!

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