This is the new craze that has taken the internet by the storm. I wanted to see how this viral hit look could be achieved in photoshop. So here is my take on this viral case that is still mystery to me, hoax, joke, real, what?! This is just too odd to be true. Who ever did these would benefit bit of retouching help, so I will offer my upcoming Digital Artist Master Class to the person did these images for Free!

More info:

How to retouch cartoonish viral hit style images

I started with this image

Firstly, I took a dark brush and defined eyes, nose, and mouth by drawing them in on a new layer over the original photo

Then I smoothed out the subject’s skin

This is how it should look once you do that

Next step – coloring in the eyes and mouth

This is how it should look like

After adjusting the colour, we get the finished product