Interested in using some creativity to make a Glow in the Dark Cutting board/serving platter? My new Instructable will show you how!

I run an etsy store called “Cutting Boredom”, and I am constantly trying to think of ways to create amazing Boards that make as fun of a display item as it does a useful cutting board!

This particular board is made from Walnut, with graphics etched in via Co2 Laser. A photoluminescent powder mixed with a 2 part resin creates the glowing effect and a perfectly smooth top surface that makes a great serving tray or display. The backside is left blank for you do to the “dirty work”. This is fairly easy to create, as long as you have access to a CNC router, Laser, or you are skilled with a router!

Please check out my instructable for step by step instruction on how this was done! If you’d like to see any of my other unique boards, please see me on instagram or facebook @oliverstuff!

More info:

Using photoluminescent resin, this Cutting Board is surprisingly easy to create

Walnut wood was selected so the milky white resin would be visible in daylight

Laser Etched Graphics

You’ll need 2 part resin mixed with the Glow Powder

Sanding down the resin to reveal the artwork

Initial test after the Drum Sander