Photographer Christyl O’Flaherty , owner of Muse Factory Studio opened her doors in December and the San Diego creative populous is very excited. Muse Factory’s workshops and events attract photographers, models, make up artists and fashion designers to come a create play and empower one another in the creative photographic process. Residing in Southern California for just over a year, she learned how vast the competition was in the photography field. She saw how it was stifling her own creativity and how others suffered as well. So the idea was born. Create a space where everyone boosts up one another , learns and has a fantastic time doing it. Muse Factory Studio has a large network now of creatives that just blow minds.. members of the community have stepped forward to participate in collaborations and it is refreshing.

It only takes one person to make a difference and the lasting ripple effect touches many. The photo shoot attached to this post was collaborated with the use of social media between TOTAL STRANGERS who are now appreciative friends. Tijuana , Baja California Fashion Designer LLENUEL FRO created this beautiful dress! Just look at it! -watch for upcoming events and workshops and come try tasting the empowerment , it’s delicious!

Photo Shoot Credits :

Model: Hela Saldana

Fashion Designer : Llenuel Fro

Photographer/Set Build: Christyl O’Flaherty / Kevin Norton

Make Up Artist / Set Designer : Chelsea Starling

Videographer : Travae Davis

Hair Design : Magen Seavello

Rabbit : San Diego House Rabbit Society

More info:

ROYAL GARDEN : HELA SALDANA – Photographer / Christyl O’Flaherty


MUSE HELA SALDANA : Photographer / Christyl O’Flaherty

SPRING VALOR : Model: Hela Saldana Photographer/ Christyl O’Flaherty