Artist Ostap makes artworks out of sticky tape. Tape art gallery by Berlin-based tape and street artist Ostap and his artists collective “Selfmadecrew”

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My self portrait made out of only duct tape. 2015.

“Portable tornado”- installation made out of only adhesive tape

We used up more than 400 rolls of different kinds of adhesive tape. Ostap 2014.

“Democratizator”- packing tape art

“AK 47”- tape art. Coloured packing tape on lightbox. Size: 120x 80 cm.

“U1”- packing tape art. Brown and yellow packing tape on lightbox

“Maritime”- duct tape graffiti

This graffiti we made out of duct tape at “Street Art Festival” Hamburg 2016.

3D tape art

“Art hoover” – tape street art

“Art hoover”- street art piece we made out of duct tape for Tape Art Convention 2016.

“Art hoover”- street art out of duct tape (Close up)

“Berlin starry night”- duct tape art. Size: 120 x 90 cm. 2014

“FAQlove reloaded 3D”- packing tape art. Green packing tape on lightbox. By Ostap. Berlin 2016

“My way”- 3D tape graffiti

“Portable tornado”- adhesive tape installation

“Portable tornado”- installation made out of only adhesive tape.

Michelangelo’s “god’s hand”

This duct tape graffiti I made at “Street Art Festival” at Cologne. 2015.