This is the tale of Stephen, the only one of my monsters to ever give me nightmares. Once I had coaxed him out of the darkness and onto paper, it became clear that this one is special. He gets a real emotional response from people and I created a file for him showing people where he came from, through specially created artefacts. Clues within the contents give a timeline for Stephen’s transformation and show glimpses into his life.

Such was the response that I went another step further and started Stephen’s suitcase, a real suitcase that sits in a cupboard, holding his most precious things. Some of which have been bought for him by his friends, people who have made their own very personal connection with him over the years and have become part of the story too. Where it will take us next I don’t know, but I am looking forward to exploring…

More info:

Stephen himself. This was the first complete drawing I did of him, the most personal and important work I have ever done. Charcoal pencil on watercolour paper.

Stephen Under The Bed. Yes, monsters really do hide under there but in Stephen’s case it’s more shyness. Bless him. Charcoal pencil and carbon.

Prep drawing working out Stephen’s face. This was the last part of him to be seen and went through several variations.

Stephen was a person once, but just got left behind. Or chose to stay. This is a map of the asylum where he lives.

Although Stephen’s story begins a long time ago, he is still roaming the corridors and so modern urbex photos are part of the file.

Some of the file contents are very personal, such as these patient notes from the asylum.

Told you he had a suitcase 😀

One of the most poignant questions I ever got asked about Stephen was ‘is he lonely?’ I don’t think so but he does like to keep things that people have obviously cherished.

He has a special fondness for spectacles, I have sometimes wondered what he sees ?

More of Stephen’s file, including some of the specially designed Rorschach cards. To see more, visit Drawing In Dark.