After working for 14 years and achieving all that I could at work I decided to quit it all and become a mom . Had a very happy pregnancy . I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Siya and while I was happy , the life that I knew suddenly changed, happiness was replaced by anxiety , being home bound , low on energy , feeling fat and uncertain about my future started taking a toll on me and depression crept in . One day I tried clicking Siya on my iphone and loved the non verbal interaction we had. That gave me an idea to start this project where I would dress her up in costumes and click her every month , it turned out to be a great way of documenting her progress and kept me occupied. Brought back creativity and joy . Every month I look forward to creating these new looks and every time I dress her up , her eyes lights up like she knows we are about to do something special .

Little Ballerina at 1 month

Hula girl at 2 months

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg on Time cover at 3 months

So Chic with her eggs at 4 months

Angel ( Christmas Special) at 5 months

Indian Chief at 6 months

Fitness goals at 7 months

Baby cop at 8 months

Bookworm at 9 months

Trump card ..The game changing card at 10 months