It all started with the berry trees. I really like the look of berries that seem randomly attached to the branches so I decided to make a jewelry collection inspired by them. I already had quite a few designs in this collection, but I still wanted to make another large and special design that would be suitable for weddings or special events.

So I drew a sketch with a pen on a page. Then I sat on my laptop and prepared the model in 3D software. You can see that it did not come out exactly like the sketch, but I usually make changes and adjustments when I create the model according to what I think is right during work. After the model was ready in the software, they printed out the model from a special material and then cast this material in silver. I cleaned the casting of this prototype because it turns out grainy from the casting and printing.

After the prototype was beautiful and smooth, I asked my caster to make a rubber mold for this prototype. The mold forms the negative space of the jewel, and inside it you inject molten wax, and then, after waiting for it to cool down, you can open the mold, remove the wax (gently, it is very thin and delicate) and have this wax cast into any metal you want- gold, silver, brass, etc. This mold saves the need to re-prepare the jewel every time it is ordered and allows it to be reproduced with relative ease, so the jewelry can be offered at a reasonable price.

After a few more pieces of this jewel were cast from the mold, I could make it from gold plated silver, and add beautiful pearls.

More info:

The finished Berries Tree Ear Cuff design

The inspiration

The sketch

How the ear cuff looks in the 3D software

The rubber mold with the prototype inside it

The mold has a negative space in the shape of the jewel that will be filled with molten wax

The finished jewel!