Travis Burke lives to tell stories and now he wants to hear yours. The widely followed adventure photographer is on a quest to capture the wonders in the world around us. Four years ago, Burke took a huge leap of faith. With just $81 to his name he decided to trust his instincts and he set out to follow his passions. This calling has taken him around the country in a van affectionately known as Betty the Grey Wolf. He’s visited the backroads of Vermont during Fall to photograph a covered bridge under the star-filled night sky. He’s captured the dangerous, yet stunningly beautiful ice caves in Washington and spent months in Utah exploring some of the longest and deepest slot canyons in the world, searching for the perfect light. Burke is following his dreams, wherever they take him – chasing inspiring images and capturing them for us all to see.

Burke’s breathtaking pictures feature the unending beauty of the natural world. A trademark of his images is the human touch: a man on a cliff admiring the beauty before him, a trio trekking through rock formations, a couple kissing under a waterfall. Burke says it helps people experience the emotion and grandeur of the location and imagine themselves being there.

Along his journey, the avid athlete can be found walking slacklines over canyons, freediving through caves in the ocean and just pushing himself and the boundaries of his craft. He’s enjoyed living in the van his grandmother gave him, which he converted himself into the ultimate “adventure mobile.” It’s a life that’s fed his soul. Now Burke wants to pay it forward!

Burke started the Ultimate Storyteller contest. It’s open to all types of storytellers: photographers, writers and videographers. The winner will get Travis’ converted van Betty the Grey Wolf, $6,000 worth of gear and a one-on-one mentorship with Travis himself. It’s a once in a lifetime chance for a lucky someone to get to follow their own creative dreams.

The contest begins May 1st. Travis won’t be picking winners based solely on the best lighting and composition but on those who show the most passion and authenticity (along with their storytelling skills).

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Travis Burke Photography