If you want to stay at one of the most peaceful places in this world you should go to the Jungle Rafts hotel on the River Kwai when you travel Thailand. Special of this hotel is not only that it is a wooden raft on the river – it gets by completely without stream! Also your mobile phone is nearly out of work and it is so fantastic!

From lively and loud Bangkok to the trip nowhere went in the country further westwards, middles and further in. In the middle of this Nowhere flows a river, the River Kwai! One stands with his backpack in the middle of the nature and waits for a boat which should nowhere bring even next in and which in the middle of a time in which we are, nevertheless, only half a people without our mobile phone. But exactly this was the reason, why I stood to full prejoy on the shore: Finally, rest! Constantly I check Facebook, Instagram Whatsapp! End with it, these 2 days will be over my mobile phone! Detox of the everyday life. 

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Jungle Rafts Hotel Thailand

Flowers everywhere

jungle Raft Hotel

Oil lamps are the only light in the night


Elephant feeding in the morning

My Video of the Jungle Rafts Hotel