Looking for something to get you in the spirit for spooky season? If you’re a fan of artists like Edward Gorey, Stephen Gammell, and Richard Sala, and you love stories full of creepy, small-town secrets, check out my webcomic, Ninecrow! Here are the 31 first episodes I created during Inktober.

Following her parents’ divorce, Amanda and her mom have moved to an isolated, dreary town in the middle of nowhere. Amanda can’t figure out what brought them there—it isn’t as if her mom has found a new job, or they have friends or family there. She’d never even heard of the place before the sudden move.

Amanda hates her new hometown—at first, just because it’s run-down and boring. But the more she explores, the more she starts to believe there’s something seriously wrong here. Almost everyone she meets is old, and many are oddly disfigured. There are strange lights in the woods far above the town that no one else seems to see. And more than one girl around Amanda’s age has gone missing.

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As Amanda starts to unravel the decades-old disappearances, her mother’s behavior grows increasingly odd and detached from reality. Can Amanda learn the secrets of Ninecrow before the town destroys them both?

New installments are posted every Monday and Wednesday.

You can also check out my other webcomic, “The Curse of Crooked Mile” if you’re in the mood for more creepy mystery!