In October 2017, I gave birth to my second child. I now had two boys under two and saw the same nurses 17 months before with my first son. I also have a step son whom I drive to care in the next city every couple days each week, I get stopped by a female traffic cop as she directs traffic. All the buses full of children freak out when they see her. They wave to her and some days, she was the only one I had adult interaction with on maternity leave. I caught myself thinking about how these moms in the medical field and other saving fields, do it all. They save lives and then come home and raise their children.

Each women has a unique story and life. They are making a difference in the workplace and in the home. You can be a working female and a mom and you can be darn good at both! These women are proof and inspiration to all of us.

Nursing student child, Police Officer Daughter

Nurse, Mother to two under two

Daughter and Mother Police Officer

Resident, New mom

Nurse, Mother of Boys

Police Officer, Wife to Police Officer

Librarian turned Firefighter

Police Officer, Mothers of twins

Police Officer, Single Mom

Nurse, Adopts her patients

Police Officer, Mother of 2

In home healthcare nurse, mother of rainbow baby

Strong Women