A young couple from HK called me last year asking to have some pre-wedding photos in different cities of Switzerland, and they want photos in snow. I told them, “I know we are in Switzerland, but we haven’t had any snow in the city this winter.” Kelvin said, “Most important thing is that we have snow, we will go anywhere.” He was very determined about this. He gave me his fiancé’s name – Snowy Bai. (Bai means white in Chinese) So her name means literally Snow White. Now I got it! This young man is trying to find a perfect setting to make their pre-wedding shoot super romantic & meaningful to his future wife. Being a die hard romantic myself, I was so moved and started my research for the perfect place.

There are many options in the Swiss Alps. But some locations is quite far to travel to. We are based in Basel and they are coming all the way from HK. So I want our location to be easily reachable, comfortable, stylish & absolutely beautiful. We decided on a unique location on the plateau of Melchsee-Frutt 1920m above sea level, and stayed at the hotel Melchsee Frutt Lodge, it is Europe’s highest-altitude 4-star Superior hotel situated on a lake, it has breathtaking views of the valley. The view is simply breathtaking.

In regards to weather, we were extremely lucky, as we arrived, there was not much snow at all down below, apparently there was a big storm, lots of rain and wind. We took the cable cart and went way up high. I prayed, please universe, we need some snow! Like magic, my prayer was answer, it snowed all night. When we woke up the next day, it was all white everywhere, the sky was cleared and blue. The staff said, they haven’t had any sun since about two weeks. It was really really cold, -20c. I kept on thinking that Snowy (a HK actress) must be freezing, wearing only a shoulderless wedding dress, but she never complained and gave me endless poses and expressions. Here are some of our favourite photos. The couple is happily married since a year.

More info: carmenwongfisch.com

At 1920m above sea level, we were blessed with sunshine and fresh snow

The owner of the chalet invited us in to get warm up after

The air and view on top of the mountain is extraordinary

Snowy Bai is a true pro and brave the cold like it is a warm blanket

Snowy fell in love with all the dogs she saw

Melschsee Frutt is a place you must visit if you are in Switzerland

Snowy brought all the dresses with her from HK

I shot this from the top of the tower

These two are happily married since last year