Renan Viana is 28 years old and is the Photographer behind the project “Encolhi as Pessoas / Shrunk the People”

Photography, for him, is a passion that has become a profession. She lives in constant updating and experimentation of new techniques and languages, falling in love more and more with the possibilities that she brings. The idea of ​​the project came in early 2014, during a visit to an antiquarian in the city of Belem in Brazil, found a box with miniatures and was impressed by the perfection of the details and ideas of photos began to appear at the same time.

He decided to use the dolls to create a project where he “shrinks people” and puts them in unusual scenes, leading him to imagine what it would be like to be so small in that situation.

The figures in miniatures are his companions to discover new places, carries some in a small box and whenever I leave, places scenes in his walks. More specific scenes prepared in advance.

Taking photos of such small people on the street draws much attention. Some people go by without understanding what he does, while others stop and come close to doing what is happening. I once had to cover a figure with my hand so it would not be crushed. He ended up hurting his hand, but the figure was fine.

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Rock in juice –

The beauty of the rose –

Sea of eggs –

At the tip of the pencil –

Leaf maneuvers –

Girassol –

Strawberry passion –

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off –

Good conversation –

It’s dive time-

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