Hair makeover time-lapse videos have long been popular online. We’ve all seen it – some fully-bearded yeti of a man, after growing his hair out for a year or two, cuts it all off to reveal the sharp, clean gentleman underneath. But Degage Ministries and Design 1 Salon & Spa have created a time-lapse makeover with a bit more meaning by gifting it to homeless war veteran Jim Wolf.

Some detractors of the video have noted that the change is essentially superficial, which the video’s creators readily admit. However, others argue that it has given the homeless person the self-esteem and motivation he needs to turn his life around. Indeed, Wolf has since applied for housing and has begun attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for the first time in his life. Hopefully, the new opportunities he has found for himself will stick and he will turn his life around and become an inspiration for others in need of changing lives.

The before and after video was released just a week before Veterans Day, which is observed on November 11th in the U.S. It was created by Degage Ministries, a religious ministry and a charitable organization set on helping people who are homeless and needy. To donate to their fund-raising event, please click here.

Source: Youtube