11 Days in Savarkundla. Savarkundla is a city in Amreli District, based in one of the beautiful state of India which is Gujarat. Savarkundla is actually a city merged with eventually two cities on its own (Savar and Kundla).

I was born on 26th October 1993 in Savarkundla. We lived there in my grandfather’s house with my grandfather, grandmother and aunt. I completed my schooling there itself, I wasn’t that good with my studies and I even faced failure in 12th (HSC).

After this I shifted to Mumbai with my Mom, Dad and Brother in 2011. In 2012 I started my career as an amateur photographer. Back in those days I learned photography from Classes, Internet, Friends and Family. 2017 I again visited Savarkundla, and I randomly started clicking some pictures.

And that was the time I realised this is what I’ve never seen before and trust me that was the most beautiful experience.

I loved watching people working for their everyday lives.

So be it people coming back from a big day working on their farms with cows, and not while returning home the way they took care for the food to their animals. The innocence in the eyes of a mother while she playing with her son, or be the hardwork the boys take in practicing for Police exam entrance in the near by college ground, and on the other hand some families having a healthy battle in the game of flying kite with each other.

And winters are worth having a nice sun bath for the cows and other animals.


So being amateur I usually roamed around here and there exploring things in the morning as well as in the evening and like every other photographer did, with a twist.

Everyday I visited or rather I explored a new place and clicked something different frome yesterday (Credits to my friends for showing me places which I thought I’d never visit).

So People of Savarkundla has a habit o waking up at 6 o’clock in the morning, and everyone managed to be punctual to their own works

Be it the farms, or some own business things, or jobs or even kids going to school.

I even observed on thing throughly that people visited the temple nearby before getting busy in their schedules.

No wonder staying 365 days in Mumbai and running like the seconds arm on a clock to achieve goals, these 11 days purely made me feel what actually living looks like. Yes I agree we need to struggle even if we are staying away from the town side but isn’t this life seems to be more comfortable and more wanting.?

This is how, I spent my 11 days in my own Savarkundla (my own Hometown) and it was worth it.