I am a tour guide in the company Vilnius with Locals, Lithuania. For the past year I had a chance to visit this mysterious and spiritually important place – Hill of Crosses – in the North of Lithuania with more than 20 different groups.

Every time I let the people walk around, I have some time for my own to look for the craziest and the most astonishing crosses you could imagine. It’s time to share the collection.

Hill of Crosses for many centuries is known for its magical powers and many believing people put the crosses there with different requests – asking for health, blessings for the new family and newborns, to protect members of organizations, for Lithuanian communities around the globe, commemoration of people who fought for Independence, anniversaries and events. Various countries, religions, denominations has put the crosses or symbols and co-created this place. There are no rules, no order, no fences, therefore people are able to contribute and use their imagination and craftsmanship to differ from the others.

There were many clearances of the Hill by atheistic Soviet government members, but people were persistent and rebuilt crosses overnight. After the last destruction on 1970 this place bloomed and within the independence and the visit of the Pope John Paul II it became the most visited pilgrimage sight and the number of the crosses can even not be guessed. A couple of fires were set on the place but now only the time destroys it, and it’s really thrilling how it affects some of the crosses, pictures, statues. Every time I am there the feeling is so far away from being blessed and inspired. I am scared, I have the shivers and the good mysterious feelings all together.

I’ve found the weirdest crosses from the toothpicks, matches, sticks, stones, sweets paper, legos, bicycle parts etc. So have a look and hope to see you there, as this Game of Thrones set worth place is truly worth to be seen with your own eyes, ASAP.