When your kid came to you for acknowledgement, did you walk away because you were too angry?


No, but I've been on the receiving end of bad parenthood many times. Like the times when parents responded to my good arguments with "we're your parents, don't talk to us that way."



I am super quiet even around my family I am pretty quiet. My siblings and parents talk a lot, and if I want tk say something, it is hard to get in the conversation. Also, I tall quietly so sometimes they just don't notice I'm talking. It has happened a few times where I tried to say something, but when they realized I was talking, someone else was already talking. My parents slammed their hands on the table and told me to just be quiet. My mom apologized later, but I don't think I was very heartfelt, it seemed more like she was doing it so she didn't feel obligated to bad about it.



I've been on the receiving end and I've heard a lot but this one comes back to me from time to time.
I was called a fraud and a bad investment.



I believe that if I had [human] children then I would be an angry parent.
The reason I think this, is because I have been angry at someone else's kid in the past.

I became increasing frustrated with the bad parenting going on in the supermarket and I took it out on their kid.

The parents we just ignoring this kid and letting it do whatever it wanted. They actually walked off and left the kid destroying the cereal isle. Opening boxes and pouring cereal on the floor. I lost my temper and shouted at the little s**t. The cleaning isle was close by so I grabbed a broom and told the little meat bag to sweep it up into a pile. I stood there fuming while this kid swept and cried.
When he'd finished, still sobbing he said 'I did it'. I just said 'Good' and walked away.
In hindsight, it's was the parents I should have made suffer. And I should have praised the boy when he finished sweeping.


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no im not a parent rn and i dont know if i want to be



I'm young and not a parent, but I yell at my fur babies sometimes. When Oreo doesnt do what I ask over and over, I get mad and run him until he can't run anymore, then I apologize because I feel bad and it's hard to stay mad at my big buddy. He also bolts a LOT, so I get mad at him for that.


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2 months ago

What kind of animal is oreo?

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