I never thought I’ll be the guy that would have an opportunity to be able to do an Aerial Photography or even able to fly in a helicopter (this helicopter doesn’t even have doors), especially all over Natal Zulu area by Durban. Yet some how, it happens. If it wasn’t for music and photography, I wouldn’t be in the air today. When I got into Photography last year in 2016, I was falling in love with photography and I would try all categories for photography, it can be beachscape, cityscape, landscape, portrait, and of course, skateboarding. I did a bit of everything.

Long story short, How i managed to acquired the privilege to fly in a helicopter, while doing stage photography at a pub, I met this amazing drummer named Rohan Myburgh from a local heavy metal band called “Your Cynical Sanity” that performed at Winston Pub Stage. It’s kinda funny, because Your Cynical Sanity was the first band I ever photograph while they are performing, at the same time I was taking photograph while they killed it on the stage. As time flies from the good times at the Pub’s stage, One day Rohan sent me a message on Whatsap offering me an adventure to fly in a heli-copter for some aerial photography.

South Africa is known to be one of the most beautiful country in the world, and it definitely is still living up to that reputation.

As we fly off the airport into the sky

This is what a pilot office look like toward Umhlanga coast

When it’s time to fly for a adventure

I almost drop my camera for this shot…

Definitely would jump… Not


Seascape of the Toti beach

More seascape of Toti Beach

The Durban Beach

When a day dream becomes a reality

Imaging flying over the Indian Ocean like this

Umhlanga beach from pilot seat

The Durban famous Habour

The Golden hour of Durban

We flew to this mountain to land the helicopter on the top of it

Here we are. Top of the mountain. No city, no infrastructure, just completely a nature environment

Perk of being pilot, never have to be stuck in the traffic again

Flying over Durbannorth

The icon of Durban, Moses Stadium

Durban City

GlenAshley beach (popular fishing spot)

The lighthouse of Umhlanga

This pier look like a sword from above

This definitely look like a nice spot for a beach

When the high way begins to look like mini-highway

All the sudden, I want to do a road trip