I had been traveling for some time and was looking for a place to settle for some days while helping when I came to hear about this incredible story:

Helen, a lady from the UK who left her home in London and decided to open a dog shelter using her own money and resources after seeing the appalling treatment of many Bulgarian dogs through her work with a dog rescue organization in the UK.

Helen’s House of Hope initially started with three stray dogs – Hope, Faith, and Charity – and has expanded considerably since to welcome over 80 dogs now! Most of them are abused or abandoned animals. And she was doing it all on her own until recently. Waking up every day at 5 am for the 1st feeding and walking until 9 pm, 7days a week!

Many of the adorable dogs make significant progress and are restored to full health during their stay at Helen’s House of Hope.

They have already found permanent, happy homes for some of the cute dogs, but many are still looking for the right home.

Those dogs have had quite a sad life before arriving at the animal shelter. So many sad stories: broken bones, attached all their life. Now they are happy thanks to Helen and the volunteers.

More info: Facebook

This is a pup part of a group of 6 that was found a couple of weeks ago with their eyes still closed

This is Annie, she chewed her leg off after having had an infection and not the proper care

This adorable puppy was left at a neighbour’s house, barely over a month old

This handsome boy Max was dumped in the village centre as a little pup like trash, in a bag which was tightly tied shut after the owner realised he couldn’t hear

This cutie is Ellie who was found in a terrible state with a broken pelvis and open wound. Look at her now!

These two pups Mimi (left) and Marley (right) were dropped off at the sanctuary and are now about 3 months old

How could you say no to such a face?

Even in her room, Helen always thinks of the dog first!

This tiny one hasn’t opened his eyes yet

Helen and one of the many dogs that she rescued