Boyan Govedarski (Bulgarian Ironmonger and sculptor by chance) had fun doing unusual metal works – a VIOLIN 4/4 metal, metal shoe, yacht by stone and rusty black sheet, engagement rings like shackles with chain… and others.

To make this sculpture he broke a violin (quiet – it was no good!) and he copied it. Nothing was easy and it took a few weeks to achieve the final effect. Then I took from the workshop the hacksaw of his grandfather and we both decided that is the best bow for such a violin! The problem was that nobody wants to stay without a good instrument with history as is the grandfather hacksaw. That’s why we went to the flea market and found another! Older!

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My niece weighs as much as this HEAVY METAL violin with the bow… Look at the details. The violin bow is a hacksaw… the keys – butterfly nuts.

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