It was all started with an obsession to make a perfect hard boiled egg 3 years ago. A perfect hard boiled egg in my opinion is when the egg is easy to peel and the yolk is bright yellow or orange.

In the beginning, I did not understand why some boiled egg were so hard to peel that I had to break the white part to remove the shell. I decided to use nori (dry seaweed) or sushi wrap to make a cute design out of that “broken” shape. My first creation was little chicks.

One cute design on the plate triggers another ideas. I bought paper tools to create eyes and mouth out of nori, but most of the time I just use scissors to shape the dry seaweed.

Now even though I have learned the tricks to make a smooth peeled egg, I still make funny egg designs for breakfast, lunch or dinner every now and then. Here’s also the first part of my creative meals.

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Dragon’s wing


Big bird and his yellow ball

Matilda, white angry bird

Spa towel

Humpty dumpties


Squeak squeak

Panda in the broccoli forest

Train rides

Humpty dumpty and his girlfriend

Lasagna pig

Egg soldiers

Chirp chirp

Egg, carrot and ham creatures

Lift me up

Flying pigs