Is it hard to picture your life without the ability to work, care for your basic needs, but I was amazed and inspired by this extraordinary man how his still manage to fulfilling his dreams without arms.

Mariusz Kędzierski is a Polish artist born without arms. He was born and lives in Świdnica. His talent was discovered when he was just 3,he is self taught but has studied at The E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw. In October 2013 he got 2nd Prize Best Global Artist Award in Vienna.

His motivational project “Mariusz Draws” which he has opened in March 2015. The first part of this project was his travel around the Europe, sharing his story and INSPIRED thousands of people.

Be faith in yourself, your talents and your purpose.

It’s truly an honor to have this amazing artist be part of “Callie Search For Happiness project”.

*Name : Mariusz Kędzierski

*Age : 23 years old

*Job : Artist, Motivational Speaker

*What makes you Happy? :

“The greatest happiness for me is to see people’s smiles and their tears when they are moved after watching me while i am drawing. To hear the words that they say to me – the words of admiration and approval. And the fact that they feel inspired.”