I am Linda Billet, a glass artisan. A chameleon is possibly the coolest creature ever. I knew I could have some fun with that unique skin. Besides the enviable trait of instant color change, they have also adapted in so many other ways. I wanted to illustrate her eyes in two directions and that magical tongue. What I didn’t know till I started researching is that their front paws have two toes on the outside and three toes on the inside. Their back paws are configured opposite with three toes on the outside. She’s surrounded by a fern and fiddleheads, along with my handmade tiles, the stripes, dots and bubble glass.

Below is a video with a few photos of the chameleon’s build. This mosaic is 20 x 36 inches. Thanks for looking.

More info: lindabillet.com

Be the change, 36 x 20 inch mosaic

Detail of chameleon

Detail of signature tile

Detail of hand made glass tiles

Detail of handmade glass tiles

Be the change video (no sound)