Every day I wander into the enchanted Irish woodlands to forage for finds to use in my jewellery. I have a great affinity with Mother Nature, and she allows me to pick and choose treasures that she has strewn across the leafy forest floor. I always collect moss, lichen and feathers that have gathered on the ground after a storm or that have fallen naturally. I have great respect for nature, and I never harm its delicate beauty. I only pick a small handful of wildflowers that I come across, and I regularly spread wildflower seeds to help sustain the ecology, which in turn promotes the natural cycle of bees and butterflies.

All botanical finds are expertly pressed and preserved by myself over a period of weeks to retain their fragile beauty and form. The next stage is transforming them into stunning pieces of wearable art in the form of eco resin jewellery. The whole process is wonderfully organic and satisfying. I gather tiny fleeting moments from the landscape around me, and preserve them for a lifetime.

I have been creating this form of jewellery since 2012, teaching myself the skilled techniques to produce unique handmade jewels. I’m privileged to be able to call this my full-time job. It is not a transient soulless fashion trend for me but a way of life, and one I live proudly each day.

More info: lost-forest.com

The enchanted Irish woodlands where I forage fallen leaves, moss and lichen

My wildflower guide, notebook & foraging box is always with me on my daily journey

Ferns, Primrose, Wild Violets and Queen Anne’s Lace are on the list today

A gentlemanly tree holds my bag while I gather moss below

On my return I like to study the flowers I picked in the woodlands

A selection of eco resin pebbles, featuring a range of my dried botanicals

A small section of my dried flowers, awaiting their next stage

A Yellow Flag Iris before and after its magical transformation

More woodland finds and a beautiful botanical bangle encapsulating a long lost Irish garden

A finished eco resin pendant, which has encased a stunning dried Pansy from my Garden