These are a few examples of our fabric art dolls, we are a mother and a daughter obsessed with art (especially portraits), and fabrics, who decided to mix those two passions into one of a kind products made my order. We wanted something unique that people could give as a gift to a family member or a loved one, or even to treat themselves, why not! dolls are something nostalgic, almost everyone had one in our childhood that maybe remind us of happy times, so we love to help our customers creating personalized dolls of the people they want. Is an amazing feeling to see how little children recognize themselves in their dolls and start talking to them, or how happy a couple celebrating of 50 years of marriage is when they see their “art doll version”, or just nice people receiving something as special for a birthday!

So… here are some examples, hope you like them!

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These two are our standard bigger size, articulated and more realistic. You recognize them? well, fashback to ’78 when Travolta and Olivia Newton John starred at Grease. They are now sold and living in England

This is two year old opening her gift! she loved it, started talking to it and showing it her whole world (her house), and even months later still sleeps with her. Adorable!

Comparison, “just walking my baby to the park”

This is a commission for Emmy Award winner Eric Jimenez, such a nice man!

7 year old Inés LOVED her doll so much. He had an old one her grandma commissioned when we were just starting out, it was much simpler and she was a baby… so it needed an update in Christmas 2017

Sometimes we feel like doing a doll for someone we admire, just to see how it turns out. This is film-maker Casey Neistat

This is a replica of a raggedy Andy made by order for a customer from Washington!

These are a couple of our medium size dolls, 45cm

Another commission of our medium size “mini me”, 45 cm

A personal favorite, Freddie Mercury in the 70s

Elvis Presley

And here these two little dolls for a wedding in Canada! we did our best two make the most beautiful pieces for this lovely young couple