Get to feel like a child doing “Small things for big people”. That is my project, “The Smallest Boy”, born of individual and collective visual imagination to recreate memories, dreams and realities in miniature.

The Smallest Boy are miniature art pieces designed and generated on paper by me. The creation process, once the final model is established, requires the use of high-precision laser cutting in order to get better details on a small scale. Subsequently, the assembly of each workpiece is done by hand, with great care, and entirely handcrafted.

The Smallest Boy starts off with films interpretations ingrained in the memory of several generations.

More info:

Psycho: “Mother! Oh God! God! Blood! Blood!”

Rear Window : “A bully never exhibit his crime in front of an open window”

The Shining: “Come play with us. Forever… ever… ever”

The Birds: “They ‘re tired of being caged. Nothing will ever be the same. It is the end of the world”

The Exorcist: “I’m the devil. Now kindly undo these straps!”

Vertigo: “If you lose me you’ll know that I loved you and wanted to keep on loving you.’ And I said, ‘I won’t lose you.’ But I did”