I wanted to try caravan travel. But I don’t like “big boxes”, simple caravans. Huge weight, large size and fuel consumption is too high. So I found minimalistic and looking cute trailer. It’s called a teardrop trailer. Very popular in the USA, but not too much in EU. Possible to build by yourself? Why not!

My family likes to travel to nature places where are much more non-urbanized places, minimal tourists zones. So this teardrop trailer can be parked everywhere you want and permissible.

My teardrop trailer involving all necessary stuff for travel. Fresh water, fridge, gas stove, panoramic window, 4 beds for my family, under mattress storage for camping stuff, charging station for laptops and mobile phones, LED lighting. The outside is looking small, but can handle a lot.

Actually, this is my second trailer. Much better, much beautiful, much attractive. Don’t stop experiment with your dreams.

More info: Facebook | tinycamper.eu