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Spoontaneous: I Carve Wooden Spoons Into Fun Sculptures
User submission
Art, Product Design7 years ago

Spoontaneous: I Carve Wooden Spoons Into Fun Sculptures

Over the last 5 or 6 years I have explored the creative process within the constraints of the wooden spoon. The making of wooden spoons dates back to antiquity and the design possibilities are still limitless.

Some of the spoons I carve are functional, meant to be used in the kitchen, but the majority of them are nonfunctional and even dysfunctional.

Below is a sampling of the 300+ spoons carved this far. Thanks for having a look.

More info:

Fowl Play

Maple, ebony, metal feet, BB eyes


Eggplant spoon, basswood and pigments


Maple, deer antler tips, beads


Bottlebrush tree

Ladder Ladle

Serviceberry wood with bark

The “Eater” Bunny

Grapefruit wood, torquoise, silver, pigments


Starfruit wood


Macadamia wood

Hand Outs

Mahogany, ebony, doll parts

Spoon Evolution


Mahogany, dried rose thorns

Full Moon

Macassar ebony, bloodwood, silver

Reclining Nude

Live oak, keyboard key

Outside The Box



African blackwood

Ms Mac

Macadamia wood

She Loves Me

Eastern red cedar w/ sapwood

Spoon Dog

Box elder wood

Silver Belle

Macassar ebony, silver

Chef’s Spoon

Curly maple, crushed egg shell, acrylic resin

Banded Snake

Black and Forth

Bone Head



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