About 3 years ago, my college Alain Bisotti told me about the suffering of greyhounds in south Europe, where these dogs (Galgos & Podencos) were tortured for their lack of performance during the hunting season. Affected by this cause, I decided to photograph these animals rescued from hell, and began working on this project. It was a different yet pleasing experience. I never worked with dogs or any animals before but I grew up with Whippets at home.

The greyhounds were about to die, like  Reina, who was tied up to a tree and bitten when the association arrived. Most of the dogs were abandoned and starving. Before their adoption, those dogs were all suffering horribly from the hands of their masters. They found the dogs either not good enough at hunting , or useless once the hunting season was over. Hundreds of southern Europe’s greyhounds were abandoned and put down despite their kindness and sweetness.

I could have shown pictures of dogs dying of hunger or hanging from the branch of a tree. However, I wanted to show their new homes with loving families. In the nineteenth century, greyhounds appeared in art very often. I also wanted to show them in a beautiful and caring way, far away from their days of suffering.

A catalog with these pictures was made. As it is quite expensive, I called a public contribution through the crowd funding site KissKissBankBank to collected part of the sum necessary for this edition. A large portion of the profit will be donated to organizations that save these magnificent dogs.



Flamme et Linda









Harry et Milka