I created a chopstick design that eliminates the need for a chopstick rest.

One day I was eating thai food with my wife and we were in between dishes. The server took away our appetizer plate and she was annoyed she couldn’t put her chopsticks down on the table.

That was when I had the idea pop in my head. I sketched it on a piece of napkin and went home and 3D printed my design right away.

My wife and I have been using the prototype for over half a year. She does not want to eat without them! We both enjoy the design I came up with and want others to experience the same excitement we have for them.

More info: kickstarter.com

This is my design – maple and walnut wood Gravity Chopsticks

The chopsticks don’t touch the eating area when you place them on the table

The idea came to mind when my wife wasn’t happy that couldn’t put her chopsticks down on the table between her meals

So I started working on it. I designed and rendered of the Gravity Chopsticks prototype

My initial prototype was created by MakerBot

I’ve always had the love for designing in 3D and now I am able to make it a reality

Machining my work hold jig

This is one of my earlier revision of my chopstick handles machined

The Nomad 883 helped me prototype Gravity Chopsticks

I have been using the chopsticks for over half a year and I really enjoy the design