Last week I shared photos of an art collaboration between my girlfriend and I, sculptures of strange and goopy creatures I call Grubbers. I’m now gonna share the illustrations that kick-started this series of otherworldly entities into many areas of my work in 2017. My goal was to mix whimsy with weirdness, and sometimes darkness.

Goopers & Grubbers are creatures that inhabit a dimension that is nearly in sync with our own, however, they are slightly out of phase and invisible to humans. We occasionally glimpse a shadow of them in our peripheral. Goopers are mischievous in nature, and in our own dimension they are known as “poltergeists”. Grubbers are completely harmless and simply go about their daily lives; working, playing and having families.

Other bizarre creatures also inhabit this dimension but are more sinister in nature.

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“Gooper in a 3-Piece”

“Gooper Trio”

“Gooper Spawn”

“Large Gooper”


“Skull Gooper”

“The Gooper Core”

“Gooper on the Go”

“Bundle of Grubber Joy”

“Birthday Grubber”

“Caged Bird”

“Bird Bath”

“Candle Holder”

“Conjoined Grubber”

“Grubber Goodies”

“Severed Grubber Head”

“Gooper Possession”

“Heart of a Grubber”

“Grubber on Life Support

“Grub for a Grubber”

“Showers in Grubberville” (In the Grubber dimension, rain comes in the form of a tar-like substance.)

“Half Grubber”

“Gooper/Grubber Hybrid”

“Grubber Gets Physical”

“The Mumbler”

“Nosy Neighbour”

“Splooshed Grubber”


“Beacons of Bad Omen – 13” (Numerals that we consider bad luck in our world, are in fact tethered to bad luck beacons in the Grubber dimension.)

“Beacons of Bad Omen – 4”

“Beacons of Bad Omen – 9”

Goopers & Grubbers Colouring Book