I am absolutely gobsmacked by vintage photos. Their detail. Their other-worldly-ness to them. The characters, all long gone now. Their traditions. I can’t get enough of them. My love affair with these vintage photos began with photos of my grandfather, standing on a dirt road, surrounded by horses, and hitching posts. Just imagine it! I couldn’t wrap my head around them.

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But then I started falling in love with playing with these photos. Tweaking them a bit here, or a bit there. But lately, I have taken my love for Godzilla, and tried to reenvision what it would have been like to take one of our modern tellings of a Godzilla encounter, and instead, gone backwards in time. What would the people there do? What destruction would he have wrought? How would history have been different? It has been a really fun personal project to just investigate this alternate reality and imagine this great beast visiting our grandparents at the end of the 19th century and dawning of the 20th century.

Learning about history, and the events that these original photos were taken in has been a real joy for me. But simultaneously, I have had just as much fun reimagining a totally new history and a totally different parallel universe for the inhabitants of these wild new worlds.

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Godzilla is out for a night on the town

Godzilla visits the 1909 Brooklyn Bridge construction

The Great San Francisco earthquake reimagined

A reimagining of World War II in South East Asia

Godzilla visits a California coastal town