Swimming with one of the most feared predator on Earth doesn’t sound like the best idea…. Stingrays can also be deadly if they stab you with the venomous barbs – Australian wildlife expert Steve Irwin sadly lost his life in 2006 to a stingray.

However, things are a little different on the island of Moorea, French Polynesia. Wild stingrays and sharks have gotten used to human presence and behave in a curious and friendly manner towards swimmers.

I was there last month to shoot for my bikini brand KALOEA and we got to spend day up close to black tip sharks and stingrays.

Here are a few photos and videos to prove you that swimming with Moorea’s sharks and rays is totally safe and probably one of the most amazing and humbling experience of a lifetime.

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Tahitian model Leihala gracefully swimming with a stingray

A very curious stingray…

Stingrays will let you pat them

Dive in!

WATCH this video to see what it looks like to swim with sharks and stingrays