GiRA is a temporary installation that aims to create not only a new staging space in the city but also an urban landmark of a color sphere created with the traditional S.João hammers — this design reinforces the symbolic meaning and importance of this annual event in Oporto (St.John’s Festivities).

The swivel mechanism intends to enable its appropriation and ownership. Consequently, the object can rotate manually due to a collective action and brings back the idea of play in the city. GiRA was the winning Installation, 5th Edition of “Martelinhos de S.João 2016” Competition; Category “Public Space Intervention”.

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Credits: architects: Micro Atelier de Arquitectura e Arte | team: Miguel Costa + Meireles de Pinho | location: Largo de S.Domingos, Porto, Portugal | date: Junho 2016 | photography: Carlos Lobão.