A Florida vacation currently seems a lot more dangerous than normal. Earlier this week there was already a 13 year old boy bitten by a shark, you are absolutely not safe on this golf course. This is evident from images of golfers in Palmetto Place.

During the day at the Buffalo Creek Golf Course was Charles Helms along with a golf buddy suddenly confronted by the huge beast, which he immediately captured by image. At first Helms thought it was an practical joke, because it was impossible for a alligator to grow that big.

“I was overwhelmed, “said the golfer. “I thought someone was having a joke. “

The game of two golf buddies was suddenly interupted by an unexpected visitor

It was a giant alligator just casually roaming a golf course in Florida

Confronted by aproximately 15 feet long reptile, golfers imediatelly took some video footage of it

The alligator was so big that Charles Helms at first thought it was a practical joke

You can see the video here: