Coffee is a lifesaver – giving you a delicious, much-needed boost to help you get through the day. But how much time have you wasted waiting in line at your local coffee shop, only for them to spell your name wrong? Or how long have you sat idly by waiting for the caffeine to kick in so you can feel like a normal human?

This new toothpaste launched by Firebox is the time saving, dentistry revolution everyone needs. Within 10 seconds of brushing, you’ll feel the full force equivalent of one cup of coffee coursing through your body.

The caffeine is absorbed through the gums, so you can incorporate a big energy kick into your morning routine as soon as you wake up.

Just one tube of this powerful paste is equivalent to £200 worth of takeaway coffee. So you can save money, have impeccable teeth, fresh breath and will be functioning at full capacity all day long.

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