German photographer Manuela Kulpa creates hauntingly beautiful artworks with endangered wild animal species from photographs taken at zoos and wildlife parks. With each stunningly beautiful photo, the viewer may feel as though they are peering into the soul of the subject. Manuela says, “my animal photography shots are currently the most effective means for me to make it clear how important the environment is – every, even the smallest contribution can ensure the survival of our beautiful animals and our environment.”

The processing of her images is very individual and is not subject to a constant workflow. The artist allows herself time in processing each photography art piece, be it several days, weeks, or even months.

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You must bring a lot of patience on the spot, because often the zoo animals do not show up, or not as you want it, or the lighting is not ideal, etc.”

“With my pictures, I want to show that sentient beings are hidden behind the beauty and expressiveness of the animals in the foreground”

“Our fellow creatures feel pleasure and affection as well as fear and sadness.”