We are brothers (Ostap and Danylo) from Ukraine and we are engaged in stained glass business since childhood. We used to just help our mother, and now we work professionally. We can do anything you like from the glass  – stained glass windows and doors, stained-glass ceiling, sconces, table lamps and stained various souvenirs. And now we are perfect in Stained Glass Terrariums Making .

The first shape that we made was Dodecahedron. It is a beautiful terrarium which consists of 11 pentagon glass pieces and one opening. During last year, we improved our production and increased product range. Now we are making an app. 


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Rocket Terrarium – perfect for wedding or as Orchid Terrarium

Strange Shape – new best geometric Terrarium for succulents ;)

Dodecahedron – perfect Christmas gift

Hanging Teardrop

Jewelry box