If you are looking for a functional, healthy, economical and ecological way to survive the harsh hot summer days you can be interested in a new refrigeration system called ‘Geizeer’ invented by two young architects of the company idea3Di.

In fact, if on the one hand the air conditioners can be classified as a niche product because of the high energy consumption that require (and in some cases even injurious to health) on the other hand the old fans, stimulating sweating through the displacement of air, increase the risk of dehydration for our body.

‘Working, studying, sleeping, watching TV or enjoying a meal can be difficult during the hot sunny days. Hence the idea of Geizeer, an eco-friendly ice cooling with refrigerant mixtures, which consumes less than 1 cent per day.’

More info: kickstarter.com

Geizeer is made of wood, a perfect thermal insulator. Externally it is composed of two shells in wood and metal finishing frames

Geizeer use is very simple. Just enter the cooling elements, previously frozen from the freezer into the lower half of the cube.