If you had a choice, what characters would you like to see crossing paths?

Here are our top 10 picks.

Be careful with spoilers or theory expositions.

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Arya & Nymeria

Their separation was heartbreaking… and they have been far from each other for far far too long which is why at number 4 we want to see Arya and Nymeria getting back together… How awesome it would be if the faceless assassin had Nymeria and her army of wolves at her side.

Jon, Bran, Rickon, Arya & Sansa

At the top of our list is a wish that perhaps will never come to pass: to have the remaining stark Children and Jon snow to get together again and spend some time, even a short one, as a family… the scene must be a sweet one… but who knows.. they have all changed so much that they may not be able to relate to each other like before but we are still hopeful and they are our top pick.

Jon & Dany

What will happen when and if Jon and Dany meet? will they marry? will they be become united against white walkers? Will Dany recognize Jon as a Targaryen? Will they perhaps go head to head in opposing armies? Will it be direwolf vs dragon? or direwolf and dragon, or direwolf on dragon? We only know that they are our number 2 in the list and we are still wondering…

Tyrion, Cersei & Jaime

Cersei and Tyrion’s intentions toward one another is nothing short of murderous and even though Jamie’s relationship with his siblings is more complex he is unlikely to meet either of them eye-to-eye… We are placing the Tyrion, Cersei, Jaime reunion at number 5 since the arising conflict between them will be a great drama… not the least because Tyrion will probably be accompanied by Dragons… just imagine Cersei’s face when she sees them.

Lady Stoneheart & Littlefinger

Lady Stoneheart may be trying to catch Freys and Boltons, but the person she should be seeking first and foremost is little finger. The meeting of Lord Baelish and Lady Stoneheart is at number 7 because Littlefinger’s scheming lead to the events that destroyed Cathlyn’s life and family… not to forget that Cat was the only person Lord Baelish was ever in love with.

Alliser Thorne & White Walker

Remember Alliser Thorne? He was the Night’s Watch member who lead the stabbing of Jon Snow… and we think this mutiny should not go unpunished and for that at number 10 we want Alliser Thorne to come within the sword-range of one of the white walkers (if the wall ever come down that is… which it probably will).

Jon & Ramsay

Ramsay is a psychotic madman, but he is intelligent, daring, and capable and it would need someone of Jon’s caliber to retire him of the series… At number 5 we want to see Jon Snow retaking Winterfell, and dealing with the Ramsay situation. While he is there, can he also cut off Roose’s head… and Walda Frey’s (let’s be done with the Boltons… please?)

Sandor Clegane & Gregor Clegane

Gregor “the Mountain” Clegane is one of the biggest brutes in Westeros who is also very very very difficult to kill… which is why at number 9 we really want to see his definitely not-confirmed-dead younger brother, Sandor, to return to finish off Ser Strong. Since the hound is one of those people who both deserves the revenge and is possibly [hopefully] capable of it.

Bronn, Tyrion & Pod

Their times together were some of the most fun and entertaining moments in both the show and the book series and for that reason at number 8 we want Bronn, Tyrion, and Pod to get together once again: stroll around, sing songs, and get drunk in some brothel… for old time’s sake and for our amusement.

Walder Frey & Arya

You do not murder your guests… not even in the brutal world of a Song of Ice and Fire… and specially if that guest is your king… which is why at number 6 we hope that the many-faced god would send Arya to assassinated the slimy Walder Frey for murder Rob and Catelyn and all others who were killed in the Red Wedding…