It all started off with an annoying neighbor. We had a neighbor that always came uninvited and we wanted her to leave. During the same time, we saw something really cool on Instagram. They were these cushions that changed color. We thought it was really cool and we wanted to put our own petty twist on it.

I quickly ordered one of these cushions and bought all the equipment needed to print text onto it. My first cushion I made had the text “F$%# OFF” on it. It took me around 3 weeks from start to finish.

Now we play the waiting game…

I have never been so excited to have an uninvited guest over. Our uninvited guest came over one day and she loved our sparkly gold cushion! Little did she know there was a hidden message behind it once she ran her hand through it.

We told her to have a seat on our couch that had the cushion on it. She started to play with the cushion… You should have seen my neighbor’s expression as she revealed the hidden message. Things got awkward and she made an excuse to go back home.

She now calls us before she comes :) Mission accomplished.

We were showing the cushion to friends and family and they found it to be super funny. They started listing names of people they wanted to show this cushion to.

And that’s how Pearl Reveal Cushions was born.

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