The puzzle series, named IncrediBuilds, is designed to encourage you to explore your creativity and create a unique, displayable artwork. The IncrediBuilds movie series features DIY-kits to create Harry Potter’s loyal house-elf Dobby, Finding Dory‘s forgetful and loveable protagonist and the world’s most famous (and mischievous) droid, R2-D2 from the Star Wars franchise.

In addition to these well-known and loved movie characters, Team Green’s newly released puzzle collection also includes 3D wood models of The Golden Snitch, Tie Fighter and Captain America’s Shield that are sure to make a fan’s heart beat faster.

You don’t have to be an experienced crafter, use the force or even a magic spell to assemble an IncrediBuilds puzzle: a love for being creative and a bit of patience will do the trick just fine! All models are push-fit puzzles, meaning that the laser-cut pieces interlock without the aid of glue, nails or any other tools.

Each puzzle comes with a book about the character and its movie, step-by-step instructions in English and coloring and crafting ideas.

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R2-D2 3D Wooden Puzzle

the R2-D2 troop

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