Some artists never cease to amaze us with their ability to create works of art out of stuff we’d consider to be trash. A reddit user posted some amazing pics of a huge ghost ship made of nothing but cardboard and hot glue. The unusual idea took five days and three talented guys Josh, Mikey and Joel, to be brought to life.

The full-size vessel, which was designed for a “Halloween Party On Treasure Island,” also sports a monstrous figurehead depicting a furious skeletal woman on the front of the ship that looks like she might be leading her departed pirates on a hellish journey. The artists also masterfully created other great details like torches, windows and cannon holes.

When asked where they got such a great amount of the material, Josh said:

“Man, cardboard is everywhere. Over the years I’ve developed a system called “trolling” which is a process of driving around the streets with a buddy looking for piles of cardboard. We have some go to sources but its funner to troll.”

Good for recycling, too!