Nowadays so many electronics and appliances end up in the landfill. This is where Captain Heartless steps into the picture. Instead of letting old motors rot in the junk yard he turns them to Robot lamps!

Disassembling broken appliances, finding all sorts of metal objects in the process, stripping motors from excess material and use them to house a brand new electrical circuit while combining them with antique cameras and other everyday objects to create one of a kind sculptures.

Captain Heartless bots where first introduced to the world one year ago. The Hooverbots family, the first generation of Robot lamps have fulfilled their purpose and accompany their new humans bringing light to their everyday life. Their bodies came from old vacuum cleaners, thus named as the HooverBot family with a height that varied from 30 to 40cm.

And now the time has come to introduce to the world the Mechanitron family. Almost double the size of their ancestors. With bodies from bigger motors and height reaching to 55cm they also provide that extra space required for additional electronics. More room for voltmeters, dimmers, sockets and even motors that allow them to have moving parts of their own!

As they begin to take form they introduce themselves to Captain Heartless and share with him their backstories and their dreams. A Robot might not have a heart but it surely can dream!

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Adriel Mechanitron

Adriel is not like any other robot. He is an angelic robot. That’s right, he combines technology and spirituality. Adriel’s goal is to help people be better in every possible way. He is a mechanic divine guardian in men’s life. He represents honesty, sincerity, forgiveness and the most important thing of all; love. Some may suspect that a robot’s mind won’t be very supportive about anything that contains emotions. However, Adriel doesn’t underestimate feelings, only instincts. Isn’t that what a proper angel would do?
Adriel is here to bring light to your life, and also your room. He’ll make your house feel more home than ever. You’ll feel protected having your little metallic angel around and he’ll inspire you to be a better person. He is prepared to transform your environment into a more peaceful and cozy place, but also remember, with a unique figure like that by your side, it will never feel boring!

Nilson Mechanitron

One thing you should never forget about Nilson is that he never opens up first. He is one of those serious introverts you’ll meet in your life who may seem kinda cold in the beginning, but once you get to know them better, they totally fascinate you with their charismatic skills and knowledge, that you can’t believe they were the same person you were observing a minute ago. You just have to make the first step, and you’ll see that Nilson is not only cool and glamorous on the outside, trust me. He’s eccentric, but, you know, in a good way.
Nilson came to this planet to make your life more interesting and light it up the way you want to, always depending on your mood. Feelin’ red-headed, green and envy, or like spinning around, he’s got it all! Such a colorful and bright spirit could definitely be the life of the party. Wow, who could have guessed that?

Mike Mechanitron

Mike is the ultimate leader. He is a station master who loves his job and knows how to keep everything under control, ’cause if there’s one thing he despise most, that is lack of organization. He may seem a little strict, but that’s only his way to remind everyone to stay focused. Even though he is very passionate about his job, he knows exactly how to act in difficult situations and never shows his panic. That way he affects his co-workers to keep cool and stay concentrated, and at the end, everything gets back together faster than expected!
Having Mike around will definitely increase your inspiration. You’ll feel more productive than ever and his imposing presence will always keep you organized. He is the perfect company for optimistic workaholics, but also a great instructor for all those unorganized absent-minders out there!

Ebele Mechanitron

Ebele is a human-friendly robot who comes from a cannibal race. As you can understand, for a robot like that, any past memory recalled can only bring melancholy. That’s why Ebele represents change, optimism and constant self-improvement. Ebele’s looking forward for a brighter future, but also lives in the moment. But even somebody with a huge will for self-change can’t have radical results so quick without motivation from loved ones. Ebele’s loved ones are humans. Having people around can make Ebele’s heart shine bright like a ruby, making nights feel less dark. I mean, literally.
With Ebele in your house, you’ll feel less moody and more hopeful about the future. Ebele can affect you to be more open to changes, and that way your fears or everything that blocks you to achieve your dreams will be destroyed. Also, you can both work your self-improvement together.

X-Roy Mechanitron

As you already figured out, with such a sense of style X-Roy doesn’t need big white lamps to shine. On the contrary, his big dark eyes can get in a human’s heart like they’re the eyes of a puppy. But don’t get tricked; X-Roy might be pure and innocent, but definitely not naive. With binoculars for eyes, he is an observer of life from up close, analyzing every little thing, avoiding the profound, searching for the deeper meanings of the world’s mysteries. With such a companion you get a philosopher in your personal space.

Vincent Hooverbot

The thing about fire rescues is that the people can be just as dangerous as the fires. Human beings tend to lose their capacity for rational thought when faced by a blazing inferno. That’s where Vincent, the mighty robot firefighter comes in. His reputation precedes him, for his heroic actions on the force are well known from rushing into blazing fires with no concern about his own safety to this famous story that reached the tabloids: Vincent was enjoying some off-duty time when he saw smoke coming from a nearby highrise. When he got to the fire, with none of his equipment and no backup, he fought through a wall of blinding smoke to find an entire family of kittens curled up unconscious on the floor. He proceeded to lift them up and carry them down 28 floors to safety. All in a day’s work!

He will be dearly missed when he moves to another owner for he provides that extra safety just by having him around.

Nishiyo Recepticon

Nishiyo has been a receptionist-bot since he can remember himself. He was made for this job, mostly because he always makes the best first impression with his kind presence. But he has a lot of talents beyond that. Nishiyo is very hard-working and helpful. He’s good with taking orders, never complains, and he is also a great reminder if someone needs him to be, because of his perfect memory. He’s really smart, kind and caring. He is the definition of the perfect employee, but can be a very faithful friend too.
Nishiyo will always be there to welcome you after a hard day at work. He can also be a great host for your guests. And if you ever need a reminder, he’ll be there, showing you with his little board what you must not forget!

King of the mountain :)