Hi, I am Simona, the female face (and hands) behind artisan duo SUÌ fine geometry – Handcrafted jewelry collections. I used to be in advertising, but decided to switch from staring at the screen for 18 hours a day to actually working on something I love and always wanted to work on. Three years ago I left my job and started designing special jewelry with my friend Jakob. This year we even came so far that we presented our work on fashion week’s catwalk.

We adore the texture of materials, especially exotic woods, and have tried to channel this into our pieces. Everything we make is a result of love, passion, nature and, of course, a little bit of geometry.

I would really like to hear from you. How do you like it?

More info: suifinegeometry.com

#1 Ring from Africain Wenge Wood

#2 Necklace from Africain Wenge Wood

#3 Bracelet from Africain Wenge wood

#4 Earrings from Slovenian Walnut Wood

#5 Necklace from Slovenian Walnut Wood

#6 Ring from Slovenian Walnut Wood

#7 Earrings and Ring from Asian Padauk Wood

#8 Necklace from Africain Zebrawood

#9 Necklace from Asian Merbau Wood

#10 Necklace from Africain Zebrawood