What would Serena Williams have worn as a tennis player in the year 1900?

While we can’t take her back in time to find out, this infographic reimagines her and the other stars of Rio 2016 in outfits donned by other athletes since the first Summer Olympics in 1896.

The beautiful illustrations were produced with Photoshop, using a digital painting technique. Since no colour photos were taken at the time of the earlier Games, the outfits from that era have been featured in black and white.

Time travel with Renaud Lavillenie, Mijaín López, Serena Williams, Usain Bolt and Federica Pellegrini, and take a look at how these styles perfectly encapsulate the trends and technology of that specific period in history.

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Renaud Lavillenie, pole vault

Mijaín López, wrestling

Serena Williams, tennis

Usain Bolt, 100m sprint

Federica Pellegrini, swimming