My interest for urban photography has been nurtured by Jane Jacobs’ inspiring book “The Death and Life of Great American Cities” and by the realization that we do live in an environment that fosters social alienation. By taking a closer look at urban spaces around us, I realized that the city’s public spaces tend to become lifeless and functionless, thus nourishing our desire to escape into a ‘dream city’.

Modern cities are extremely urbanized. Urban development is increasingly coupled with population growth but also ecological problems. As a result we see modern constructions and multi-dwelling buildings in the city center coexist with a still widespread soviet architecture in suburban areas. My photos capture urban spaces and contaminated landscapes, thus vividly expressing a need for a different city planning.

Throughout the last year I’ve been going through a sort of self-awareness process and photography has become a free space for me that allowed me to see the world from a different perspective. Along with my interest for photography, I am working as a lawyer on electoral and women’s rights issues at the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy and as a board member at Equality Movement. Working on LGBT rights.

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